Maikönigin (Redesigned)

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Derrick Lin


Agency: brandfield*
Designer: David Brinkmann, Yelena Litzinger
Client: Kelterei Heil OHG
Country: Germany

Our new client, Kelterei Heil wanted to change their old, outdated “Maikönigin” punch/cocktail range with something fresh and eye catching. The previous design agency wanted to “stay close” to the older design, but that wasn’t what the client was after. They wanted something completely new and that is why the came to brandfield*. We opted to go with bold, vibrant colors with a mix of patterns and traditional forms. Since this product is a seasonal product and is on the shelves only for around 3 to 4 months out of the year, we didn’t need to worry all too much about the “repeat customers” not finding their product.