Dűlőválogatás Wine Label (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Attila Ács
Country: Hungary

To create the concept firstly I used the typical view of the rows of the vineyards. These exciting geographycal phenomenon inspire me for the unique line system I created, which resemble the atmosphere of the „dűlőválogatás” but at the same time it let’s recipients think freely about it. The basis for the shape of the label was the shape of the growing area, Balatonszőlős. After finishig the graphic system I suit it to the resulting build.

In my view it was important to use for the label handmade paper which reflect for the property of the mineral-rich land. We would use embossing method by the helping of presser cliche to get the sample on to the material. This kind of process reflects for the high quality of the wine and it’s discrete elegance.