Country: Russia

Series of light alcoholic beverages

This project was quite ambitious and voluminous. A new product had to be introduced to the market, which shares fierce competition. That’s why the main task was to make the new product stand out from the rest of competitors, attract the consumer’s attention and create a stable and memorable image for the next purchase. This all required a unique communication route to be found with the product’s target audience.

The client was presented with three concepts to select from. As a result of an artistic council meeting, which was comprised of chief managers and representatives from the company’s main subdivisions, a single concept was selected. The base for this concept used a very common symbol: the location icon from the Google Map application. The use of this icon delivered several marketing advantages for the product:
1.This is a well-known, widely recognizable and positive sign.
2.It acts as an eye-stopper in the design, attracting the attention.
3.It communicates with the target audience, interacts with it and speaks the same language.