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Agency: Studija Creata
Designer (Studija Creata): Asta Kauspedaite and Kęstutis Poniškaitis
Product development department manager (Stumbras): Jūratė Paulauskienė
Illustrator: Rimas Valeikis
Photos: Edgaras Marozas
Client: Stumbras
Type Of Work: Commercial Work
Country: Lithuania

Flight. Journey. Stories… fabulous stories which blur the line between reality and fantasy.

Propeller is a collection of spirits from various parts of the world, designed by Studija Creata. Associated by the theme of air travel, which appeals to male customers and reflects quality and experience, collection becomes easy to identify because of the character of pilot traveller. His stories are reflected in the illustrations and tell about every beverage’s origin country. Features of each sort of beverage are exposed through numerous illustrations, inscriptions resembling aviation badges and sketches serving as cocktail recipes. Multifaceted design is complemented with various tones of coloured foil, different lacquers, patterns and embossing.

Propeller started this journey in 2013. It’s just the beginning, expect more to come…