Bulbash Champion Limited Edition


Client: Zavod Bulbash
Type Of Work: Commercial Work
Country: Belarus

Champion Vodka by ARMBRAND

ARMBRAND Effective Solutions were once again commissioned to design a limited edition vodka for Bulbash, one of the leading Belarusian vodka brands. The task was to design a bottle that would reflect the festive atmosphere and be a nice souvenir comprehensible to the foreigners.

The solution is based around the idea to transform the circle, the Bulbash logo, into a medal on a blue ribbon.

Complementary colours, blue and yellow, is characteristic of vodka packaging design, while the glitter reflects the cheery and jubilant atmosphere.

When purchasing the bottle, a typical Belarusian consumer associates themselves with the group of sports enthusiasts, which is a sort of a source of pride for the modern Belarusian mentality. The name, Bulbash Champion, in Russian semantically and rhythmically sounds like a chant, and may well be used like that. One becomes a champion long before the game — Bulbash Champion. For true fans.