My Daddy’s Bakery (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Joanna Koszyk
Location: Poland
Project Type: Student Project

“My Daddy’s Bakery” is a well known bakery in Krakow, Poland. Their tradition reaches beginning of the XX century. It is a family business and they produce only high quality baking – traditional breads, bread rolls and cakes.

The brief was to create a new branding, and at the same time do not lose the main message which is – tradition, high quality, emotions connected with family and relations between father and his children.

Brand Hero which is son of owner was moved from main logo to illustrations which are on all stationery and packaging. The son – child, is represented in couple of situation which take place in bakery of his father. He is having fun doing the bread, baking and then selling ready products.

The new branding materials consist new logo, letterhead, showcase, notepads, packaging for breads, bread rolls etc. and packaging for coffe, tea, and the materials for new decor for bakery (posters with the child).