Boxer & Co

1 Addison Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204, Australia

Creative Agency: Boxer & Co.
Client: Table of Plenty
Location: Sydney/ Australia
Project Type: Commercial Work

Table of Plenty’s new packaging had to better reflect its values, to look more innovative, creative and caring. There was a need to increase brand standout and add flavour cues.

A ‘burst of abundance’ forms a holding shape for the logo. This beautiful merging of watercolours and textures, changes colour and density across flavour variants. Around the edge, leaves, birds and plants form a complex and stunning outline which evokes nature and celebration of life, whilst the negative space below the burst creates a ‘subliminal’ pair of cupped hands, underscoring the idea of nature’s bounty, and something that customers can discover over time as they form a deeper connection with the brand and the pack sits on breakfast table after breakfast table.