Bulbash Snowman – New Year Limited Edition


Belarus Minsk

Creative Agency: ARMBRAND
Client: Zavod Bulbash OOO
Location: Belarus
Project Type: Commercial Work

Christmassy snowman for Bulbash

Each New Year Bulbash, a leading Belarusian spirits producer, surprises their loyal customers with special new-year edition bottles. The tradition in 2015 is supported by the snowman concept limited edition. This idea was the most liked from the list presented by ARMBRAND agency.

The expected target audience is brand advocates, as well as younger consumers who value innovation.

Limited editions create a chance to exceed conventions. In substantiation, the usual Bulbash logo in the form of a black circle is white, as a lower snowball of a snowman. The snowballs are covered with white paint and silver stamping, the combination of which jingles with winter, snowfall, holidays. The snowman stands on his head, and only by turning the bottle to pour vodka, one can place his feet on the ground, literally.

The new cap design features traditional Belarusian patterns and is used on another Bulbash vodkas. The advantage is not only that it is more remarkable on the shelf. In addition, it serves as a protection from the falsification of vodka in appreciations to special technologies. The last but not least, it ensures traction between the cap and the consumer’s hand and makes bottle opening more convenient.

The reverse of the back label is red. That complements the festive feel and draws the customers’ attention through a 3D-image effect of twinkling snowflakes created by optical refraction.

The front side of the back label features a special new-year’s eve clock. The explanation is that Belarusians normally celebrate the New Year twice: first Moscow-time, then — Minsk-time. For all those whose close ones are in other time zones, we envisioned that clock which shall remind of the approaching New Year in every corner of the world.

The combination of red and white, as well as the circles themselves ensure that the product stands out on the shelf. Moreover, the customer was so fascinated when introduced to the snowman, that it became a joyful character of brand marketing communications.

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