The Meadow Herbal Tea (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Irina Vasilyeva
School: British higher school of art and design
Location: Moscow, Russia
Packaging Material: Aluminium

The assignment was to create package for herbal tea for specific audience. The audience is active contemporary people (in particular women 20-30 years old). They take part in all active events, especially mass sport events in Moscow parks. These girls support their health all the time: no sugar, no preservatives and unhealthy food. At the same time, they want to be always beautiful and trendy. This audience is in motion every day. From the list of healthy dinks, they can buy only water in stores. But sometimes these girls want to drink something tasty excluding water and they have no time to make it at home by theirselves. So, this audience need tasty sugar-free herbal tea to go.

The main idea of this project is herbal tea like a meadow on the shelf in a store. But the meadow for this audience is not traditional and old style. The meadow is modern and innovative like a lifestyle of these people.

A shape of the product is aluminium can 0,33 l, because it takes little place in a bag and it can be sold in vending machines without problems. Besides that, it has multiple can opener.