Agency: Identica
Associate Creative Director: Tim Brennan
Account Director: Zukhra Pontey
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Rohaus
Location: London, UK

Identica have redesigned household appliance brand Rohaus to bring a premium style and quality statement to the European home-wares market.

Today’s consumers demand not only superior performance and higher quality from their home electrical products, they want ultra stylish products that are a joy to use, and that inspire pride in ownership. The Rohaus brand was specifically developed to emphasize the combination of Dutch technology and European engineering to bring a professionalism into the home.

The sleek 21st century product design is showcased in stylish packaging, which is at the same time discrete but has strong stand-out and a unique visual signature. Identica have successfully designed a brand that exudes quality across many touch points in a marketplace that commands quality from their brands.