Boulanger (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Santiago Arraz
Project Type: Student Project
School: CEU Cardenal Herrera
Course: 2
Location: Valencia, Spain
Packaging Contents: Wine

Boulanger is presented as a fun product without losing the elegance of a good wine. On the neck of the bottle we can see a chalk held by a white ribbon.

Using the graph, the chalk and the phrase “Who Pays?” A very fun way to settle the payment of the product implies . This could create good times with friends.

As the wine level decreases, we can see some messages in colloquial language that refer to the amount of wine we drank .

What’s Unique?
This product interacts with the consumer and resolved in a fun way something that nobody likes : pay . Also it includes funny messages playing with the liquid level and transparencies.