Nonna Carmela (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Agency: Sheli Kuperman
School: Shillington College
Course: Certificate IV in Design
Tutor: Frances Gray and Rebecca Hulme
Project Type: Student Project
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Packaging Contents: Ready made Pasta

The project involved the creation of pasta packaging for mothers with newborns, who essentially have no time for anything other than caring for their new baby. ‘Nonna Carmela’ is then a product that is ready made and gets delivered to the mother’s homes. A carry bag was designed for this purpose, being flexible enough through different folds to carry from 1 to 4 boxes of pasta. Once the delivery is made, the packaging is meant to be put straight in the microwave and be quick and easy for the new mothers.

The packaging reflects the ethos of the brand of authenticity and health through the use of hand drawn illustrations and through the subtle use of patterns inspired by Italian floor tiles. The copy on the packaging is also directed at the new mothers, with ‘Nonna Carmela’ being the one that will make everything better in their time of need.

What’s Unique?
The carry bag that accompanies the pasta boxes makes the project unique. It can be folded in different ways to accommodate different quantities of boxes ordered by the new mothers.