MUSQ Natural Cosmetics

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Agency: Black Squid Design
Designer: Rowan Laubsch
Creative Director: Derek Butler
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: MUSQ
Location: Australia
Packaging Contents: Cosmetic, Skincare, Candles

Musq is an Australian Made, natural cosmetic and skincare company. Founded on an unwavering commitment to providing luxurious, clean, natural and ethical products, Musq is free from harsh chemicals, fillers and against animal testing.

Black Squid Design created a bold, yet fluid, custom logotype and set this with simple, structured typography to create a sleek, honest image for the brand. Across the range, labels consistently feature type falling vertically from the top with the limited black and white colour scheme. Variation in the use of black and white, container shape and the changing scale and orientation of the logo not only help to differentiate products, but also make the design more dynamic, adding visual interest to a modest brand.

Bold, graphic collages of natural botanical imagery are introduced exclusively through the candle packaging, displaying ingredients unique to the scent of each candle. This extension of the brand adds vivid colour, and natural imagery without compromising the original simplicity and elegance.