Tovuz Pomegranate Juice

Derrick Lin


Designer: Roi Roman
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: TM Tovuz
Location: Ukraine
Packaging Contents: Organic pomegranate juice

The goal: To create the brand for organic Azerbaijan pomegranate juice for Ukrainian market. Natural juice preserving all the traditional methods of its production, and manufacture with all modern technologies to preserve the useful qualities. To emphasize the usefulness of the product, distribution through chain stores and pharmacies.

Concept: The skilful combination of traditional and modern, to show that the traditional product is created for modern people.

Solution: We use authentic pattern in the logo, and stylized text with light imitation of the Arabic letters in the name. To emphasize the usefulness of the product for blood disorders, created icon “Health+” that strengthened communication with drug product. To enhance the understanding of the high quality product and its manufacturing technology, used icons ‘bio product’, ‘sugar free’ and ‘fresh pasteurized’ in the label.