Agency: Red Pepper Agency
Main Pepper: Danil Golovanov
Creative Director: Ivan Sosnin
Art Director: Julia Uzkih, Natalya Kotovskaya
Account: Alena Podgornaya, Dinara Keksina
Producer: Yana Shmailova
Project manager: Darya Lunegova
Case Study: Evgeny Kharchenko
Client: Culturavision
Location: Russia

Culturavision is an eye caring optics multistore which is concerned about customers more than personal sales. Our target group is up-middle and premium segments. The brief was to build the loyal relationship with target audience through the design communication.

We decided to put the name “Eye Caring Optics” into the brand strategy. Eye caring exercises became the basis of the original pattern which we use through the all documentary, packaging, souvenirs and point of sales. Each piece of the pattern repeats one exercise in prints, out of home and any other advertising solutions and makes identity interactive and useful. Regular eye exercises provide benefits like an improved vision, maintenance of eyesight, reducing eye stress and other.

We built the social responsible brand which care about customers more than personal sales. Our design solution became the basis of the main brand strategy.