Creative Director: Andrey Gornov
Associate Creative Director: Lina Nazyrova
Illustraitor: Maria Titova
Designer: Mikhail Zhaglin
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Milkom (Komos group)
Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Cheese

Danar – the legend of Caucasus.

High up in the mountains the best cheesemongers of Causasus made cheese. Danar was the name of this cheese. This cheese brought together people to share their dinner to lift up a glass of wine and to start the talk.

Today it’s hard to imagine any Caucasian tableful without “suluguni” and “chechil”. The heart and soul of Caucasus and it’s people – generous vigorous loving life and art of making good food.

When we started working at the project we decided to turn to cultural heritage of Caucasus We were looking for inspiration in the art and traditions of this picturesque and vigorous area. Crafts, pictures, and sculpture often depict a naive human image, with a special view on things and live hospitable emotional personality.

Participants of the real mountain feast became the main heroes of a plot. They are executed in author’s stylistics, table-talks, songs are guessed here. Cheese is so generous and big that becomes a table itself. The feast passes as it’s necessary in the Caucasus – on open-air where already poured out fantastic stars . The design in general could become a souvenir plateau.