Semolificio Loiudice Flour Pack

Derrick Lin


Agency: Idem Design
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Semolificio Loiudice
Location: Conversano, Italy
Packaging Contents: Flour, Semolina Flour
Packaging Materials: Paper

Idem Design has created a new packaging for Semolificio Loiudice durum wheat flour. Semolificio Loiudice in an ancient durum wheat miller and baker producing flour, active on the Italian territory.

For Semolificio Loiudice, we redesigned the brand logo and designed the durum wheat pack. We thought about two different color variations to differentiate the classic durum wheat flour, for fresh pasta, from the durum wheat semolina, for bread. The audience we refer to is modern woman who cares about her family health and nutrition.

The result in an eye-catcher, simple and unique graphical design.