La Naya Chocolate



Designer: Gabija Platukyte
Illustration: Graphic a Lot (Ieva Staseviciute, Egle Ciuciulkaite)
Copywriter: Lina Simutiene
Photography: Romanas Dzinzeleta
Photo (village): Christian Gideon
Client: JSC “Silavoto B&B”
Location: Lithuania
Project Type: Commercial Work

Chocolate has deep roots with Incan and Mayan civilisation. That is why the whole brand and story is based on a village of La Naya.

We have 5 main flavours. Put them together in a line – you will see an artwork reflecting everyday processes and mood of La Naya. People are working in fields, children playing around, ladies bringing harvest. Cut into 5 pieces – you will see 5 different compositions for each flavour. They have balance and look excellent both ways – in the whole artwork as well in small compositions.

Chocolate flavours are echoed in each composition. 5 drawings have a diverse La Naya surroundings view, followed by ingredients and mood of each flavour. Moreover, selected colours complement the concept, taste and mood.

What’s Unique?
Packaging is made out of one piece of paper and only few gluing parts. It is suitable for fast and comfortable packing.

What is more, special chocolate bar was created to convey and supplement the concept. Main inspiration – Mountains, surrounding La Naya village.