Agency: CRE8 Design
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: MOOY
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Packaging Contents: Cable Butlers
Packaging Materials: Paper, Blister

When CRE8 started devising the package solution for MOOY’s first two products – the SNAPPY and WIREWING cable butlers, various design concepts were developed but all based on the brand’s core values – urban and fun.

The packaging for these cable butlers should effectively translate the product features and incorporate eye-catching elements that can attract the attention of potential customers. Therefore a combination of clean graphical background with transparent blister cover was selected to compliment the actual product shape and to emphasize the vivid product colors, which allows the products to communicate directly with customers.

SNAPPY and WIREWING are made with highly elastic spring plates. In order to firmly secure the products in place, a specifically designed herringbone-like structure was added to the blister for sound protection. Smartly designed perforation on the package provides easy access to the products without making a fuss for users and thus creating a user-friendly unboxing experience.

The overall design approach not only gives consideration to the enhanced structure, but also makes the products stand out when hung on the shelf, so people want to stop in their tracks and further explore the goods.