Noumena (Concept)

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Agency: Rebeca Gliosci
Project Type: Concept
Location: Brazil
Packaging Contents: Perfume, Perfumed Oil
Packaging Materials: Carton (boxes), Glass and Aluminium (bottles and caps)

“Silently the senses abandon their defenses”. This beautiful quote from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom Of The Opera comes to mind when I think of how Nature and Art often work in sublime ways. From the lovely smell of lavender to the surreal spectacle of an aurora; from enchanting Celtic music to intricate patterns of Middle Eastern tapestry — myriad colors, textures, sounds and aromas enrapture our senses and enrich human experience. Scents are especially powerful stimuli. Think of a relaxing massage with good perfumed oils, for example. When taken by pure sensation, we feel transported to a noumenal realm beyond the grasp of the rational mind. Noumena is a line of evocative fragrances inspired by that power.