Rackare! (Concepts)

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Joakim Bergkvist
Creative Director: Alexander Kandiloros
Project Type: Concept
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Packaging Contents: Board game
Packaging Materials: Paper

Joakim Bergkvist: “Rackare is a Swedish adaptation of the (in)famous party game “Cards Against Humanity”. After a few alterations to the gameplay and loads of new cards written and tested the guys over at Ninja Print asked me to give it a look of its own. The very appropriate black-and-white-cards-theme got to stay, since it’s simplicity goes well with that of the game. However, I felt the game needed a cheerful vibe so the black-and-white got paired with the big smiling logo in a clean minimalist design based on three colours. A third of the cards are white, two thirds are black and hence the top lid of the box has the same proportions of black and white. Its width is also one third of its length. Both these features create a number of fun ways to display the game in stores.”

What’s Unique?
The level of attention to detail given to the design and production quality is something seldom seen in other board games, which is something Ninja Print is trying to change.