Designer: Osina Ekaterina
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Akvion
Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Medication, pharmacy, pharmaceutical products
Packaging Materials: Carton

Packaging for “Liquid coal» and «Liquid coal for children»

Liquid coal – innovative pharmaceutical product in Russia for body purification from toxins, poisons or results of allergy. One of the unique feature of which, comparing with the same items in the field, is Liquid consistency. The other main feature of this product is it’s natural component, it is produced (extracted) from apples pectin.

Design concept is based on stylize letter «У» (the first latter of the product name “Уголь”). The shape of this symbol has resemblance with glass, which underline feature of product – liquid form. Pattern in the center of symbol is a molecule of pectin.

The symmetry on the face and back of the package enhances the idea of simple usability. The infographic on the back side illustrate amount of ingredients, enegry in one pack.

Two packages for children and adults are different in color – natural color of apple – yellow and green.

What’s Unique?
Design approach of this packaging is unusual in Russian pharmaceutical field.