Modem Fibra Top Packaging

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Derrick Lin


Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Fastweb
Location: Milano, Italy
Packaging Contents: Wireless Modem
Packaging Materials: Compact cardboard

The famous phone operator Fastweb must redefine the aesthetic and functional concept of a common object like a wireless modem, from this request is born Top Fiber Modem. Fastweb Modem is a combination of aesthetics and functionality that creates a fresh and innovative device.

This characteristics was also the guide line to design the modem graphics and technical packaging. DESIGNSUMISURA has realized a package, which is sophisticated and modern. Made in compact cardboard, the box is solid an reliable, indispensable feature for technological and electronic products packaging. It presents a rotation opening with a double flap designed to reproduce the same strict and clean lines that characterize the product too. The unusual decentralized opening, although has clean and essential lines, must communicates the idea of a rigorous and innovative container.

The minimalist design is made by the intersection of the white colour, recalling the same shade of the modem inside, with the tight black line, which makes to recognize easily the box opening. This technical packaging come from a deep study of the direct consumers experience: conscious that the package plays an important role in the consumers’ attraction. For this reason we think about the packaging more like a sort of precious coffer, moving to the classic box lid from the top of the package to the wider side.

We started the project analyzing the packaging already present in shops, technology shop and megastores. In this way we have realized that the most of them was only a square box with an upper opening that even more than being uncomfortable isn’t so elegant. We think about that the packaging has an importat role, it is not only the wrapping but it is a sort of ‘bussines card’ of the product, so it has to be appealing and elegant too.

What’s Unique?
The uniqueness of this project consists in displacing the opening lid from the top of the box, as the common modem and technological devices present the most of the times, to the wider side of the package. In this way the product lay secure in the box and the customer experience during the opening it will be more satisfying, feeling like you discover something precious and cool. The decentralized lid help to create something new and unusual, overtaking the classic and symmetric opening. The two part of the lid create a triangle form on the base of the box, creating a geometric decoration that break with the monotony of the under dark grey surface, playing with the black and white colour contrast that also recall the minimal and optical art.