Pollo Frito – Special Issue

Derrick Lin


Agency: Iden-tica
Designer: Claudio Corrales, Juan Manuel Betancourt
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: San José, Costa Rica
Packaging Contents: Magazine, Toys
Packaging Materials: Plastic, Wood, Paper

This project is to honor the fascination of Costa Ricans (Ticos) to Fried chicken. We make a packaging that represent all cultural a vernacular graphics on the streets of Costa Rica and we put it all together. We made a magazine to make a register of sign painting of chickens in our culture. Also the packaging have a cardboard box with a chicken wood toy, two pins and a miniature chicken inside of a plastic egg and an harmonica colled “kikiri Blues”.

What’s Unique?
This is unique because its represent the vernacular understanding of Costa Rican culture.