Teahouse Exclusives Organic Line

Derrick Lin


Agency: Peter Schmidt Group
Creative Director: Katrin Niesen
Designers: Franziska Muth, Rachel Beyerlein
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Market Grounds GmbH & Co. KG / Teahouse Exclusives
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Packaging Contents: Tea

Every sip is a journey in itself, possibly even a dream into gently rolling tea plantations, yet certainly a natural and tranquil moment away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. These sentiments are in every package of Teahouse Exclusive’s “Organic Line” tea. Clean, solid circles shape images of stylised teacups and teapots, attentively decorated with twining stems, leaves and flowers that indicate the respective source of the tea’s ingredients. A creative typography, with gentle curves, balances a packaging that not only communicates the highest of tea pleasures, but also the balanced, ecological standards of the product line.

What’s Unique?
Feminine look; Leaves and flowers indicate each flavor and complement the color coding; Spacious cotton tea bags only contain loose tea of the highest quality and are closed without metal brackets.