Wove Eggs (Student Project)



Designer: Maria Veronica De Guzman
Project Type: Student Project
School: Universidad de las Américas
Course: Art direction
Tutor: Ramiro A
Location: Quito
Packaging Contents: Eggs
Packaging Materials: Cardboard

Eggs can be easily broken when carried from one place to another and usually don’t have an eye catching package. The main challenge was to create a unique and creative egg package that will be useful, attractive and functional. The package design has a cylindrical form and it is made with recyclable materials such as cardboard. It can be used as a beautiful 7 eggs container for your kitchen. Additionally, the second part of the project was to create an eggs brand; “Wove” is a combination of letters and sounds of “huevo”, which means egg in spanish. The package has a retro country look with a graphic that includes the straw (where hens lay their eggs) and eggshells cut in halves.