Chocolate Origamoo

Derrick Lin


Design Agency: Shake Design – Maayan Reshef ltd.
Chief Creative Director and CEO: Maayan Reshef
Designers: Anita Goldstein, Einat Shpilka, Shani Nusbacher, Dana Bar-Dan, Florit Steinbruch, Roy Busheri, Michal veinstein, Ifat Nirnbaum
Client Manager: Einat Mitzmacher
Studio Manager: Daniel Gur Arye
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Strauss Elite
Location: Tel Aviv Israel
Packaging Contents: Chocolate bars
Packaging Materials: Paper

Elite’s Parra (“Cow”) Chocolate is one of Israel’s most time-honored, beloved chocolate brands. The Parra brand has used an iconic cow in its signature red packaging since its inception in 1934. It is one of the few Israeli brands that successfully appeals to all age groups, and is relevant and cherished by both children and adults.

In 2015, we sought a new way to breathe new life into the popular brand and to offer added value in order to increase consumer engagement with the brand, with the use of innovative packaging.

We found an extraordinary opportunity for the brand to correlate with two cultural mega-trends: the reuse trend, and the Do It Yourself (DIY) trend. In this manner, packaging could be transformed into attractive, individual works of art.

Instead of the traditional red wrapper, each individual piece of the Parra (Cow) Chocolate bar has a unique design. Wrappers can be folded into one of a kind paper sculptures of cows using origami, thus granting the campaign its unique name: Origamoo.

With the use of unique HP SmartStream Mosaic software, we created over a million varied, delightful, vibrant designs by taking a handful of “seed” patterns, and using sophisticated algorithms, turned them into a virtually unlimited number of variations. The result is that every wrapper is one of a kind, and is marked with a single identification number, much like the numbering of artwork.

We collaborated with a world-renowned origami artist, who created the Parra character for us by folding the wrapper of a single chocolate bar. Reaching the ultimate fold was challenging in and of itself, especially since the fold was conceptualized with the capabilities of the general public in mind. The wrappers are printed double-sided. The inside of the wrapper features dotted lines to help consumers through the origami process.

We have essentially invited consumers to create hundreds of thousands of unique origami cows, to photograph them creatively, and to share them with the brand’s fans in social media.

The Origamoo project has been printed by the HP Indigo 10000 digital press on over a million individual wrappers.