Dermapeel PRO

Derrick Lin


Design Agency: Garrofé
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Skeyndor
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Packaging Contents: Beauty, skin care, cosmeceutical

Skeyndor asked us to redesign their cosmeceutical line (a cosmetic that has or is claimed to have medicinal properties), DermaPeel PRO, a line that brings radiance and purity at the face and neck.

To reflect this concept in the design, we made a combination code of whites and greys with matte and bright finishes. In this way, we wanted to reflects the benefit of the product in the skin through the finishes and colours of the packaging. We developed a very aseptic design that helps making an easy association with the cosmeceutical environment, communicating skin care and luminosity.

For the communication image of the line, we had a photo shoot to have a unique and corporative image of Skeyndor. We cared about every smallest detail; casting, acting & expression, attrezzo, styling, hair&make up, among many others. We achieved a balance between beauty and medical-aesthetic look with predominant white colour and touch of silver to reinforce the concept of brightness.