Derrick Lin


Design Agency: Dimes Design
Designer: Angus Nicholls
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Green Press
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Packaging Contents: Cold pressed juice
Packaging Materials: Custom Glass

Green Press is a cold pressed juice and superfood bar established in 2013 to make delicious, nourishing food conveniently available to Melbourne. With a strong emphasis on fresh, natural produce and environmental ethics, Green Press wanted to make positive eating just that: Positive!

Green Press approached Dimes to create a brand identity and package design when they were launching their first store. Any visuals and packaging needed to reflect their ethos and exhibit the natural ingredients of their products.

We designed a comprehensive brand identity that brought together Green Press’s fundamentals. Inspired by the natural vitality of the company, we integrated their bright, bold and vibrant feeling into a strong green palette and assertively elegant white lettering. Again, drawing on nature, the logo combines a leaf and a water droplet, encapsulating their business.

The packaging employs a long glass bottle with a subtly curved neck that lets the beauty of the products speak for themselves. Clear, frontal lettering lists ingredients while preserving flexibility for future recipes. The glass preserves taste, keeps juice cool and is recyclable: faithful to the company’s spirit.