Inne Beczki



Creative direction & Design: Redkroft
Illustrations: Kasia Łubińska
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Beer
Printing technique: Mixture of flexography & silkscreen print.
Location: Warsaw, Poland

Logo that grew into a brewery.

In 2014, we helped two beer geeks brand their own wholesale store. Back then, no one expected that within under two years, we will happen to co-create one of the most recognizable new wave breweries in the country.

There are projects where there is no need for a brief – it is replaced by understanding and trust. Projects that, at the end of the day, yield more than just a presentation on a website: a good set of friends and a lot of fond memories. Projects that are like no other and Inne Beczki is one of them.

We would like to express our thanks to the entire Inne Beczki team. Without whom, we would not be able to present this project to you, or grab one of these beauties at a local pub.

We have a saying in Poland that goes “coś z innej beczki”, which literally means “something from another barrel” and translates into English as “for something completely different”.

So, as the classic quote goes: “And now, for something completely different”…

Special thanks go to:

Marcin Pietranik – for the superb beer which we had the pleasure of both branding and sipping
Józek Czarnocki – for looking after the team spirit and for being the world’s coolest lumberjack
Kasia Łubińska – for the amazing illustrations
Piotrek Małecki – for always getting the beer where it should be
Kuba Szulczewski – for being the voice of reason and for the brilliance of his thoughts
Janek Szyprzak – for being the best boss of the bosses and bringing Inne Beczki to life