El Bautizo

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Design Agency: FCB Crea Costa Rica
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: El Bautizo
Location: Costa Rica
Packaging Contents: Coffee-eggnog Beverage
Packaging Materials: wood, glass, cardboard

By taking advantage of all the cultural richness that surround our traditions, Bautizo was born. Inspired by the legend of Don Florentino, the poor man who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for wealth.

It is said that since Don Florentino died, the devil prowls around his lands in search of the soul that now belongs to him.

This was the reason why when all the coffee pickers from around the town came to work in his lands were frightened. They said that you could hear the devil’s horses galloping around while chasing the soul of Florentino in the streets of the coffee farm, sowing fear in all the poor workers.

That’s why, to recover from the chills caused for the encounter with the devil, the pickers decided to baptize the coffee with the eggnog.

What’s Unique?
A mix of not only coffee and eggnog, but the mix of two Costa Rican traditions, perfect to warm the inside of your body.