Ruby Cup (Student Project)



Designer: Hanna Petersson
Project Type: Student Project
School: Miami Ad School
Location: San Francisco
Packaging Contents: Menstrual cup
Packaging Materials: Recyclable paper

Ruby Cup is a brand for menstrual cups that does not only provide a sustainable solution to decrease the waste of feminine hygiene products, but also makes a difference for girls and women in developing countries who cannot afford sanitary products. Using the model of ‘Buy One Give One’ Ruby Cup works alongside local partners and organisations to bring their sanitary product to those who need it. One cup can last for 10 years and gives a girl the freedom and confidence to stay in school during her menstruation and access all of her education. The main focus country is Kenya but Ruby Cup has also worked with local partners in Zambia, South Africa, and Uganda.

Currently Ruby Cup has no product in stores in the U.S. and therefore I designed a recyclable packaging that can stand out among other feminine hygiene products and communicate the message of sustainability. Menstrual cups are not yet that common in stores in the U.S. and therefore this packaging would not only be new in its category but it would launch a new kind of feminine hygiene product as a social benefit. Buying a Ruby Cup, you make a statement.

What’s Unique?
The packaging is 100% recyclable in folded paper without plastics holding it together. The pentagon shape of the packaging makes it similar in shape to the logo and when seen from above it is easily recognised as a Ruby Cup because of its color and shape. Information on the outside of the packaging tells you about the product and about the good cause of Ruby Cup.

When you unfold the top of the packaging, which is folded together creating the shape of the logo, you are met with different layers, each layer a new discovery. I wanted the packaging to be simple and friendly to the environment and at the same time exciting with a feeling of luxury when you open it. The packaging contains one small informational pamphlet, one menstrual cup and one cotton bag. Each with its separate layer holding it in place.

The logo is made in shades of Red to symbolise not only a ruby but also a drop of blood, that is in itself as precious as a ruby. That drop of blood shows the gift of life and how women all over the world all connected. Menstruation is not something to be embarrassed about, but instead to be proud of. That single drop of blood is a jewel in itself.