Mob Job (Concept)

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Derrick Lin


Design Agency: Hands Off My Fries!
Creative Director: Louis Marti
Designer: Jalil Silalli
Project Type: Concept
Location: Paris, France
Packaging Contents: Concrete Mix
Packaging Materials: Paper bag

It takes a funny, cutting edge and completely unusual approach within a very serious and grounded category. Construction professionals now have a new alternative, a much more engaging one, to the traditionally boring concrete mix bags.

We paid attention to the copy which sets the tone of voice for his edgy brand and makes the concept complete. The tagline « Just add water », besides conveying the efficiency, easiness and rapidity of use values, also is a wordplay referring to drowning victims in the river. We then used typical types of mobsters’ victims for product segmentation and even gave tips for what to do while waiting for the mix to set.

We kept strong category-related visual cues in order to keep the brand trustable by the consumers : bold/technical typeface, large vivid color segmentation, setting-time as a key item.

This brand opens a very inspirational territory, which for instance allows to play with a lot of funny copy in communication.

« That’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it. Give it to the Mob. »

« Let the tough guys do. Just add water. »

What’s Unique?
The brand positioning and tone of voice is unique within this very serious and grounded market.