Packaging You Shouldn’t Miss In April 2016

Derrick Lin


Packaging of the World presents the top 10 posts for the month of April 2016. They are selected according to their post views, social shares, social likes, re-tweets repins and people reached. All these data were collected on this website and also on different platforms like our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest page. These projects will definitely inspire you for your next design project!

Dino Ice ‪Concept‬ ‪popsicle‬ ‎packaging‬ ‪design‬ by Sasha Perelman & Katya Mushkina

Dino Ice is perfect for kids because of a nice addition. The stick with a small dinosaur toy hidden inside the fruit ice lolly, you can barely see him through the ice. The thinner the ice the closer you are to discovery of unexplored world of mighty prehistoric creatures.

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Siya ‪Juice‬ ‪‎Packaging‬ Development by Backbone Branding

Exploring the essential of Siya juice brand, we gave it this simple solution – the natural fruit is right on Your glass. Making something like trick, the real fruit put on the glass, transformed into an entire bottle which idea is completed with expressive design, which transparent label shows the naturality and freshness of the juice.

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Otono Iberican Spanish ‪ham‬ ‪‎packaging‬ ‪design‬ by Tres Tipos Gráficos

The packaging collection functions as a set, where each of the three main products is represented with its own tree species. The leaf blueprints provide each product with its own individual identity, thereby enriching the brand experience of the whole product range and creating a strong link to the brand name “Autumn”.

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Inizio ‪Olive Oil‬ ‎Concept‬ ‪packaging‬ ‪‎design‬ by Brandtailor

To accentuate how natural the product is we turn to its’ origin. For this reason the brand is called Inizio (Italian for beginning), and the package accurately imitates an olive – it’s shape, it’s color, it’s essence.

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Bandage‬ ‪Dispenser‬ ‎packaging‬ ‎design‬ by Risa Takeuchi

Applying an adhesive bandage should be easy and quick. Especially incase of emergency. Wrapid is an instant adhesive bandage dispenser that allows the users to access the bandage in less than three seconds.

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Sausage of campaign ‪sausage‬ ‎hay‬ ‪‎student‬ ‪packaging‬ ‪design‬ by Julien Suzanne

In a packaging eco-design exercise, Julien Suzanne offers us a compressed hay tray for his country sausages. This project was realized in a packaging design workshop at the ECV of Aix-en-Provence in April 2016.

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17.5 ‪Juice‬ ‎packaging‬ ‪design‬ by Mousegraphics

17.5 is used to describe the ideal RSS (Ratio of Sweet and Sour) in our client’s orange and apple juices. We used a simple, bold, equal – width typography in order to better imprint and aesthetically ‘stabilize’ in the mind of the viewer the product name 17.5 as chosen by the company. The ideal balance conveyed by the RSS ratio pronounced with this number is extended to the balance of letters and the overall form.

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Liska ‪Fish‬ products ‎packaging‬ ‪concept‬ ‪‎design‬ by Stefania Borasca

Each type of fish has been classified in a manner so as to become a new identification system. This new visual code has been reported in all the systems of labeling of fish, fresh and packaged. With a dedicated application, framing the element will be able to deepen their knowledge of the product in terms of trace-ability, and nutritional characteristics of the species, thus allowing the consumer the full knowledge of the product which is generally reserved for the seller.

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Holcim Agrocal powder ‪gardening‬ ‪packaging‬ ‪‎design‬ by Studio Sonda

Agrocal was primarily used for crops, packed in bags of 1.2 t and 25 kg, but in order to reach urban gardeners it is now designed as a small packaging of 4 kg. The solution aims to pack the product in ecological, easily degradable paper, that uses only one color in print. It is set in a wooden box that is not supposed to be disposed off, but repurposed and reused by gardeners. Different motivational sayings are carved on the box in order to encourage gardeners to a kind of collecting.

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Marais ‎cake‬ ‪packaging‬ designed by Latona Marketing Inc.

Usually, gift boxes simply line up all the cakes neatly. However, our boxes of individually wrapped cakes are different. We cut costs by focusing on only one design, and in making use of all six surfaces, we were able to recreate every type of keyboard. Using this design, we can create any keyboard size, from small keyboards, to full 88-key grand pianos, and even larger.

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