An Epic Sauce By Zamora


Creative Agency: makebardo
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Zamora
Location: Queenstown, New Zealand
Packaging Contents: Chimichurri sauce

Zamora is all about enjoying homemade food. They use natural ingredients in traditional recipes and add a modern twist. Zamora shows that its strongest side is character and commitment with the present, without ever losing sight of its traditions. A brand that seeks to be young, but with a clear trend towards maturity.

In this occasion we proposed to incorporate to the visual system a new code of numbers. This decision reduces the complexity of the product category in a way that is inclusive and accessible. It also opens the visual system in an easy way. The numbers works perfectly with the main elements of the brand such us colours and pattern, and allows us to use it in future products with a simple execution.

The label is a typeset composition. We decide to use a new sans-serif typeface because it has a good legibility and give us a contemporary look & feel. We combine it with the same serif font that we’ve used in the meat snack packs. This give us a continuity in the language between the meat snack packs and the sauce labels.

The glass jar has a really good format for two reasons. First, it is easily accessible for a spoon (we cover the functional part). Second, it is an unusual jar in the market (we cover the design part). The copywriting; ‘an epic sauce by zamora’ gives value to the product and connects the sauce with the ‘meat world’ of Zamora. We do not only achieve an impact with this aesthetic, we also made a really good use of the label shape. The lid provides a balance between modernity and tradition.