Creative Agency: Kids
Project Type: Concept
Location: Berlin, Germany

The future of nutrition

Together with our friends at Hackmasters London, we jumped into our time machine and travelled to a kitchen in the future. We wanted to find out how we humans could handle nutrition better by looking at social behavior trends and new technologies.

We did some research in the fields of health, nutrition and sport trends across various industries. A trend we got very interested in was the rise of smoothies, juice machines and vitamin waters. What came out of our observations and talks is that most people who consume them, don’t have a clue about the actual vitamin and mineral value in them. We live in a world where everything is measured and tailored, yet so many people gulp down smoothies and supplements without knowing what the body really needs.

How can people take charge of their vitamin and mineral balance in a precise and effective manner?

Our answer: PARO, a machine that provides shots of vitamins and minerals tailored to your current need or goal. PARO analyzes your mineral and vitamin levels to give your body exactly what it needs. You can also just tell PARO what your target is and it will calculate a mixture to help you reach it, like having more energy for the day or recovering faster from a long workout.

We created PARO as a prototype. We strongly believe that one day in the near future – we will see PARO featured in tech magazines or on the shelves of kitchen supply stores.

Until then, raise a glass of orange juice.