Magia Box

Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Litho Lab
Creative Director: Luise Chancafe
Artist: Ramiro Llona
Photographer: Diego Peláez
Print: Metrocolor S.A.
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Magia – Asociación de Voluntarias por los niños con cáncer
Location: Perú
Packaging Contents: Merchandising – Artistic Publishing
Packaging Materials: Paperboard, modigliani paper

Magia, is a private non-profit entity classified as percipient of grants to provide hope and tangible and unconditional support to all Peruvian children with cancer who do not have the financial resources to cope with their disease.

In collaboration with the Peruvian artist Ramiro Llona, we developed the packaging design and merchandising for the Magia Association, using as inspiration the paintings that he has done.

We planned to make a “kit” where all the pieces of merchandising where included, which is why a container with a special die was designed. It was a challenge because Ramiro’s paintings normally measure up to 6 meters high and it had to keep proportions. The crops were carefully selected so that everything fits into the design. At the same time, offset printing systems and digital offset were combined in the print media, which was chosen by Ramiro, since it gave him the feel of the canvas he uses when he paints.

All proceeds from the sale of the kit goes directly to the Magia association.