GMO? (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Andrew Clarke
Project Type: Student Project
Location: Sheffield, United Kingdom

Where do you stand on GMO’s?

The idea of taking nature and improving or destroying it can be seen in both positive and negative ways. This project was designed to question an audience. If you went into a supermarket and picked up a jar of anti decaying fruit, would you love or hate it.

The brief was entitled “The Issue with Food”, I created a company called Natura which creates this Genetically Modified food. The product you can see is a pre smoothie pot, the idea of the product is to buy either in bulk or just as a one off. As the produce is anti decaying it would allow the consumer to keep the product for an extended period of time without losing the quality of the produce. The logo was designed to challenge the idea of Natural vs Unnatural. By replacing the roots of the tree with machinery it challenges the perception of what is Natural.

The pots where sourced for their stacking capabilities giving the product an eco friendly status. I used glass jars to make the product feel homemade whilst for the labels I took inspiration from medical packaging, the clinical and laboratory aesthetic add to the unnatural side to the product.