Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Interact Boulder
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Doctor D’s
Location: Louisville, Colorado
Packaging Contents: Kombucha, Sparkling beverage
Packaging Materials: Glass

The Doctor is in! Doctor D that is. This sparkling probiotic beverage is packed with live probiotics along with lactobacillus, digestive enzymes, and amino acids to support digestive health in a crisp, refreshing way. Doctor D’s partnered with fellow Colorado-based studio, INTERACT Boulder, to breathe new life into their brand and packaging. The objective was simple: increase visual impact in a chaotic kombucha/probiotic category, increase memorability and simplify the experience.

So what exactly is Doctor D’s? It’s not kombucha, but rather, delicious water kefir! This healthy beverage is made by introducing a kefir culture of bacteria and yeasts into a solution of reverse-osmosis water and organic evaporated cane juice. The “good” bacteria and yeasts present in the kefir culture metabolize the sugar, transforming it into an array of beneficial acids and microorganisms, B Vitamins and food enzymes that aid in digestion. The process of making water kefir with raw, organic sugar and fruit juices results in delightfully sweet flavor profiles, as opposed to the well-known tanginess of kombucha.

The brand refresh utilizes the iconic Doctor D character to create a bold supergraphic that is easily recognizable. A simple illustration style and color palette allows consumers to quickly digest information and identify exactly what they are getting. The use of a clear label relays the transparency of the brand and their simple ingredients, while the brown bottle is unique to the category, standing out among competitors.