Lovegreece for Metaxa



Designed by Konstantinos Karavellas/ Casablanca
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: The House of Metaxa
Location: Athens, Greece
Packaging Contents: Spirit
Packaging Materials: Paper, Glass

The Metaxa by Lovegreece project is a collaboration between two iconic Greek brands, one of 125 years old and one of just 4. METAXA is the producer of the famous liquor products from Greece and embodies a unique craftsmanship, that combines precious Muscat wines from the Aegean islands with fine wine distillates. Lovegreece is a visionary young designer company famous for its 100% Greek cotton t-shirts and bags and its “Greek Chic” minimal aesthetics and it was founded in 2012 by brands designer George Hatzizahariou. In 2016 The House of Metaxa commissioned Lovegreece to design a new Limited Edition of the iconic METAXA 7 Stars. The creative project was about bringing to the iconic spirit a contemporary Greek feeling. The Limited Edition of METAXA 7 Stars signed by Lovegreece, proposes fresh colors and design bringing a unique summer touch to the iconic spirit: The mix of gold, blue and white colors instantly evokes the Cycladic landscapes and architecture, the golden touch of the sun and its magic reflection on the Aegean sea, as well as the gold color of METAXA 7 Stars. The global design is highly inspired by the Greek “evil eye”, the signature of Lovegreece, in a minimalistic and modern way. To complement their creative work for METAXA 7 Stars, Lovegreece has designed a Collectors’ Exclusive Line of 100% Greek cotton T-shirt, Bags and other Misc. Products like Keychains and Diaries under the branding “Lovegreece for Metaxa” Lovegreece also designed the global branding for promotion stands as well as advertisements for the inflight and airport magazines.

Awards: The Metaxa 7 Stars by Lovegreece Limited Edition has been awarded the Bronze Medal at the Drinks International Challenge Series in Travel Retail Exclusive of the Year category for 2016.