150 Years National Archaeological Museum (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Konstantina Vatavali
Project Type: Student Project
School: TEI of Athens
Course: Packaging
Location: Athens, Greece
Packaging Substrate / Materials: paper, cord
Printing Process: Digital printing

The aim of this project was the study and the design of a series of packages for different gifts – products, for the Greek market, as a promotional tool and commercial affirmation of the National Archaeological Museum. This project was carried out in the course of Packaging, at Technological Educational Institute of Athens.

My logo was mainly influenced by the neoclassical building of the Museum. I was inspired from the Neoclassicism, whose characteristics are the connection with the past and the integration in the European context and even the simplicity, stability, symmetry and linear decorations, issues that I tried to transmit into my logo. The colors, that were used in the packages and other applications, were chosen from the main textures and shades prevailing in the museum. Ιn addition to the logo and the museum’s information, the secondary graphic element that I used, is a texture that after processing has the appearance of marble, as in the museum is the characteristic material that prevails.

For the other applications beyond my packages, I chose to design some abstract illustrations, from some well-known artefacts of the museum. Each of these represents a typical season and collection. My goal was to make a minimal design, in order to combine properly with my logo and my packages. The illustrations were inspired by elaborate decorative elements and works that characterise the art of the Ancient Greek Culture and located exclusively in the Archaeological Museum.