Hoseo University Student Projects December 2016

Derrick Lin


Innovation and creativity are often found in the package design by students. We believe these fresh traits are essential to helping organizations deliver new ideas and understanding the new trends. You might have seen the packaging submission entries by the students of Hoseo University Student projects and they have always displayed ideas and creativity not bounded by any restrictions. Enjoy!

Posil by Lee Hyun A
Packaging Contents: Thread
Packaging Materials: Paper

Posil is a thread made from natural materials of fruits for people with sensitive skin or their health. We have designed four kinds of fruits, apple, orange, peach and blueberry. ‘Posil’ is taken from ‘Posil-ha-da’ which means

it has a warm and comfortable feeling called ‘Fosil’ which is taken from Hangul and ‘Feel’. The logo is expressed as if it were made of thread, in the shape of letters, and it was a thread made of fruit in the shape of a leaf on top of S and i. And I made O as a point and gave it as a point.

The shape of the pile structure is designed by cutting the semicircle into four equal parts by referring to the shape that comes out when cutting the fruit. In order to give the impression that it is a thread made of fruit, I got an idea from the apical part of the apple and gave it a point like the apical part of the apple on top of the package. I was given a hole in the center to show the color of the thread and the fruit, and I put the illustration of the fruit and the thread in the shape of the fruit.

Packaging Contents: Bandage
Packaging Materials: Paper

Due to the increased national income and recognition of health, the customers’ demand on the high quality, safe, harmless, and environmentally friendly medical supplies tend to increase.

This item is a harmless environmentally friendly medical supply package of dressing for the skin made of moss designed focusing on this point.

The naming of moss dressing is expressed to be remembered easily to consumers through the gentle font using curved area of the dressing. The naming direction is 2~4 syllables and chose natural and soft words excluding words that remind strong image. That is ‘mosstreat’.

The design strategy of the concept is natural design which the dressing and moss are harmonizing.

The concept plan is environmentally friendly and safe using moss and trees while using the image that consumers can feel the environmentally friendliness and the trust from the product. The visual expression plan is processed using the graphic of moss and the growing environment of it as well as the characteristics of dressing.

In the expression method by this design strategy, the image motive uses the luxurious and natural image by using the moss and tree graphic motive.

The color is expressed not to be alienated with the component of this product using the point color extracted from moss.

Through the shape that the dressing wrapped the tree shape and the expression of important part of dressing stem, it stresses the differentiation from existing products.

That is, it reminds that the dressing wrapped the tree with the realistic expression of the tree and dressing that the moss is growing. It fuses the visual use area through the image and graphic factors. In addition, it creates the intimate structure to remind the shape that the moss grows on the tree as the package is gathered.

Bud by Narae Shin
Packaging Contents: Fragrant grass

The graphics were designed through colored tile arrangement method to express the vastness and luxuriousness of space. The 4 main colors of the graphic are black, purple, green, and blue. Colors that match well with the graphic and the tile color, which is the key, were selected. The design was made by imagining the form of the scent. Solid color leaf and multi-color leaf were placed in an alternating pattern and in the complete form, the multi-color leaf sat inside the solid color leaf. The package in its completed form was made with flower bud as the motive. It was made by picturing the flower revealing the product that possesses the scent upon fully blooming. Each leaf was folded with its opposite partner leaf and when the parts with cuts joined, the bud became complete. The key of the form was the flower on top of the finished product, and the flower shape and color were expressed differently for each product.

To by Lee Hye ri
Packaging Contents: Body wash
Packaging Materials: Paper

The body wash is a product made from medicinal herbs and it takes consumer’s health into consideration. It was designed in luxurious oriental medicine illustration to vividly describe oriental medicine and to feel the scent of oriental medicine. Oriental medicine body wash is made from excellent ingredients of oriental medicine. The B.I and TO mean awarding you with health. Award yourself with health!

Ink made with grain by KIM SE RIN
Packaging Contents: Ink
Packaging Materials: paper

My main idea of eco-friendly package is ‘ink made with grain’. Main colors of ink are ‘C’, ‘M’, ‘Y’, ‘K’ and each of them has its symbol of grain. ‘mung beans’, ‘adzuki beans’, ‘corns’, and ‘black sesames’ are arranged in order. Each type of grains is basic format and they are simplified to design. These four types are different feature so they can be easily recognized. To describe the ink, pattern of spreaded ink is printed bottom of the package and ink image is inserted on the side section. Colors are applied unique color of grain and family colors of main color are used on the inside of the face to stay within main color. In addition, a word which shows the color is inserted into the package and front and back design has same to delivery production information easily. Inside of the package, a real picture of the grain is added that can bring a visual interesting. This design shows simpleness of normal ink package with differentiated design of mine.

Block ‘Free B’ by Lee, NaYoung
Packaging Contents: Toy, plaything
Packaging Materials: Paper

Project intention – With the increase in environment friendly customers who think about their health and the environment, there has been an increase in customers who prefer environment friendly toy products for their children’s safety even though they are more expensive. Under the theme environment friendliness, I am proposing an organic fruit block package that is harmless to children because it is made from fruits.

Brand identity concept – From combining Free from natural and B from block, Free B means the nature’s block. By combining Serif font which expresses the curve elements of nature and Gothic font which expresses the straightness of the block’s image, the design expresses nature and the block’s image together.

Design concept – The shape of the package was made with block’s shape as the motive which can be fitted together. Rather than standing for just a simple product package, I have added an entertaining element which allows fitting the package together like blocks in order as an improvement.

Color concept – The fruit’s original colors were extracted as motive and used. While maintaining environment friendly atmosphere, it melts the expression of the image of the various colors of the block at the same time.

Mothesco by KIM, Saet Byeol
Packaging Contents: Paint
Packaging Materials: Paper

The word ‘mothesco’ is an abbreviation of mother’s color and it is a nature paint product package design made from leaves.

With economic improvement and increase in income of citizens, the consumer’s demand for high quality and safety focused products increased which led to increase in demand for environment friendly paint over harmful chemical substance paint. Unlike existing environment friendly paint, ‘mothesco’ simplifies painting and images environment friendliness through which its brand identity was built.

Leaves rolling on the streets and that are disposed were recycled as the main source of material for the paint and I predict that consumers’ interest in the product will increase because it does not use chemical paint, but a natural material which everyone can trust. The paint package design has a strong image of being a cylindrical tin pail and in domestic environment friendly paint market, due to the lack of distinctly designed products, I have proposed an easy and simple image in order to make the paint package design distinct.

Consumers are sensitive to paint’s product characteristic of containing harmful chemical substance and since they do not paint again until their existing paint wears off or gets dirty, there is less frequency in purchase. Also, they have high level of credibility for a well-known brand name. ‘mothesco’ has acquired safety by utilizing natural and chemical process free materials as the main source of material and through domestic company JEVISCO’s brand power, which it has gained through communicating with consumers for a long time, firm credibility from the consumers will be formed.

‘Mothesco’ has advantages of both low production cost and environment friendly product which will give high competitiveness in the market. The modern consumption trend includes increase in singe-person household, preference of organic and environment friendly products, and personalized lifestyle. In addition, with the vitalization of self-interior market, interior has not been limited to being a hobby, but it has hugely influenced personal lives. ‘mothesco’ selected women in their 30s as the main target by combining female consumers who are on the rise to become the nucleus of consumption and who have much interest in self-interior with people in their 30s who have 47% ratio of environment friendly product purchase.

Rather than being just a simple product package, ‘mothesco’ proposes new values to consumers with its distinctive appearance in paint product allowing it to be placed in indoor spaces and the design naturally melt in giving new values to consumers. The structural packaging was made with shape of the leaf as the motive and colors extracted from 4 types of main breeds from the trees on the street were used for the design to remind the material used at a glance and to make the natural characteristics stand out.

ECONECK by So Young Bae
Packaging Contents: Necktie
Packaging Materials: Paper

This is the packaging of necktie which is made of flowers. There are 7 kinds of packaging such as lavender, rose, cherry blossom, freesia, daisy, iris, and hyacinth. This necktie could decompose in the earth quickly, because it is made of flowers. So it is more eco-friendly than other neckties. When you wear this necktie, it’s like you wear a perfume. It has natural flower scents. Because it is made of flowers. This necktie is made of unique material, so you could express your individuality simply by wearing this necktie. Overall packaging is necktie shaped. We designed graphics on packaging according to the kind of flower respectively. It has the checked background. Its graphics portray spreading flower scents visually. If you spot its packaging, you could notice the kind of flower at a glance. We tied the black band with logo on it in the middle of packaging to express masculine and luxurious mood. Brand logos on the packaging are different according to the kind of flower. Product information and laundering information are on the back of packaging.

Froad by Jeong hansol

The “Froad” is a convenient paper cup made of natural flowers.

It becomes a petal tea immediately without the necessity of any tea-bags when you put only hot water.

The shape and form of flowers are used as design elements. This cup is designed with the concept of containing flowers and nature, and the colors and graphic expressions were taken from nature.

The people holding the Froad seem to feel like holding flowers.

Gentree by LEE-Kun-Hee
Packaging Contents: Cosmetic
Packaging Materials: Paper

This product is a pure, eco-friendly product that has not been treated with any chemical additives. This mask pack contains fruit gradient and this makes the skin of the man, softer and even better than before.

The case of the product is based on the side view of the man. This natural mask pack is mostly for men by placing fruit substances in the internal part of the mask sheet. It is also a unique product that can be seen when compared to other products.

Compare to other mask pack that contains some kind of chemical substances, our mask pack is 100% pure, can absorb faster and can easily remove the mask sheet after used.

Behind the package there is a description of the product. The triangular shape of the case is to keep the product stable.

noodie by Kang minji
Packaging Contents: Noodles

The brand ‘noodie’ gives consumers a sense of health and a variety of healthy foods. Basil, Chamomile, Lavender, Hibiscus and other herbs are used to provide well-being food for all ages. It is a pasta that adds natural image and warmth, and it’s made out of herbs so it could be enjoyed more freely than any other side. Noodie is taking the lead in health and well-being more than any other competitors.

Urban Forest
 by CHOI Jin Ah
Packaging Contents: Phytoncide Capsule
Packaging Materials: Paper

The concept of this capsule, phytoncide product is being convenientt for everyone to carry around and smell the scent of the forest. It comes in 8 pills per pack, with 4 packs equally 32 pills. You can take this pill one per day for a month. The advantage of this pill is the scent. Because the scent of the urban forest goes for about 30 minutes, to enjoy this scent you can place it in a cup and enjoy the scent for about 30 minutes and drink it with water. When the pills are placed next to each other it fells like being surrounded by the forest, and the capsules inside are placed like a shape of a pyramid to express the shape of a mountain. In this capsule, there are 8 different types of scents which includes Hinoki Cypress, Abies Koreana, Pseudocydonia, Japanese Cedar, Abies Holophylla, Chamaecyparis Pisifera, Betula Platyphylla, and Pinus Densiflora. We expressed the different types of surface textures and used the flowing lines and flared out graphics to express the phytoncide scent being spread out. The motive of this products are mountains, forest, and phytoncide. And the motive of the logo was designed with the graphics of a smooth font and wooden house to represent the urban forest. The main targets are office workers in the 20’s and 30’s who doesn’t have to time to take of their health so that is why we came out with this simple capsule type.

MOMMTOY by SoYeon Sa
Packaging Contents: Toy
Packaging Materials: Paper

How are you these days for the lovely children to pursue environmentally-friendly lifestyles by eating from?? During the early childhood period, I would like to introduce to you eco-friendly grain sensory toys that do not stop by touching toys, but give you safe fun for your children to swallow and suck. It is a five-sensory toy product using environment-friendly grain extracts without chemical pigments. It is a natural product that is friendly to children. Since the development of tactile sense, taste, sight, smell, and hearing are very important during infancy and childhood, we have created five sensory toys using environmentally friendly materials. ‘MOMMTOY’ means toys made with the mother’s heart and enjoyed by her mother. It is expressed in a rounded shape and a warm tone color. The shape and color of the package show each grain at a glance and show that it is a block toy. It is an eco-friendly five sensory toy consisting of 8 different grains. Each grain has a good effect on both adults and children regardless of their effect.

urbanshoewell by Jae Hee LEE
Packaging Contents: Shoes
Packaging Materials: Paper

The development of vegetable footwear brand is based on ECO marketing strategy through the development of a powerful brand that will strengthen competitiveness with other fashion brand footwear companies by efficiently responding to changes in consumers taste with the increasing environmental conscious consumers to become a representative brand.

“Urbanshoewell” is an eco-friendly vegetable footwear made of vegetables rich in vitamins.

As an eco-friendly representative brand that pursues the environment and health consciousness of consumers and the individuality of their own, it offers the comfort and health of the tired feet of people today.

We focused on delivering images that are different from other brands and delivering them as they are natural to consumers who discover new values.

Urbanshoewell is an eco-friendly shoe brand that gives the impression of walking around the city like walking through nature with vegetable shoes.

Inhu by Cho hye su
Packaging Contents: Bath boom
Packaging Materials: paper

The theme of packaging project is eco-friendly product which is becoming a trend these days.

I chose ‘eco-friendly organic vegetable bath preparation’ which is made of vegetables, so not harmful to body despite intake. It consists of organic vegetables. It is safe even if you consume it.

It is an eco-friendly and baby-friendly product. It gives people a rest, nourishes and improves the skin. I named the product ‘Inhue’ which means ‘It gives people a rest.’ I added glitter of bubble to the logo to emphasize that it is bath preparation product. Its graphic portrays bubbles and foam which are made when you use bath preparation.

It expresses that vegetables turn into bubbles, so customers could notice it is a bath preparation which is made of vegetables. Its packaging has bubble shaped round lines in handle and body. Overall packaging shape is reminiscent of bubbles getting together. Product colors are purple, wine, orange and green based on color therapy theory. I chose colors which could give people a rest.

Fragrant grass by NaRae Shin
Packaging Contents: Fragrant grass

The package design was produced to reveal the beauty of the flower. In order to show its soft, colors of bright tone were selected. The design was made by imagining the form of the scent. Each leaf was folded with its opposite partner leaf and when the parts with cuts joined, the flower became complete. Because the form of the package was made so that it would be difficult to pile the products in large quantities, the design characteristics stood out to the eyes when they were placed individually or when they were placed together in series. Since the package design is unique, it can attract people’s attention.

Packaging Contents: Diffuser
Packaging Materials: Paper

If scents could heal our hearts I would reward myself with fragrances. The completion of interior designing is the scent.

‘DEFU’ is my premium fragrance to enhance and warm my heart and home with the use of fruit peels. ’DEFU’ is a diffuser with deep and strong fruit scent. The color and the shape of the package definitely catches eyes. Compared to flesh, fruit peels contains large amount of antioxidant and ingredients that protects us from outside harm.

It is an instinct for people to react strongly to smells. As the sense of smell can recall emotions and memories, scents should be treated more as a self healing element.

‘DEFU’ provides stress free and refreshing performance for all age and gender using different ingredients from various fruits.

TEAWELL by Jiyeunpark
Packaging Contents: Tea
Packaging Materials: Paper

Teawell is an Eco tea making you healthier. It is the environment-friendly tea cup focusing on the health, convenience, and eco. It consists of the green tea, red tea, peppermint tea, and chrysanthemum tea. The 100% tea leaves were used and the bitter taste was reduced to highlight the tea’s inherent taste and fragrance. It is the eco-friendly tea. It’s convenient because you don’t need a cup. Only eco-friendly materials were used and the cup was made of the corn starch which is decomposed naturally. The appearance of this cup was expressed brightly and cheerfully by means of 2016 trend color for 1020 generation as well as 3040 generation to enjoy because the design is the core these days. The soft and intimate logo was used and the reliability was heightened through the eco illustration and real image and the image of tea field was emphasized visually to express the eco-friendly image. This cup’s color changes according to the kind of tea. The shape of each tea leaf was expressed interestingly by applying to the package structure, and it was designed for consumers to choose the tea easily they want.

Blooming Face by HyoJeong PARK
Packaging Contents: Flower Oil
Packaging Materials: Paper

I’m designed ‘oil made of flowers’ packaging by using eco-friendly concept. This flower oil made of only flowers without any chemicals. It has natural flower scents. It is pure face oil which has light consistency unlike other oils. The brand name is ‘blooming face’. It means face is in full bloom like flowers. Its logo is a simple illustration of flower petals. Colors of packaging are pastel tone to emphasize it is pure oil. There are four kinds of flowers such as pink (Dianthus chinensis), peach blossom, primula, and begonia. Each packaging has oil drops illustration portraying these oil drops combine to express flowers. Customers could choose based on the kind of flower and its scent.

Leafree by Jihye Seo
Packaging Contents: Mask Patch
Packaging Materials: Paper

‘leafree’ is a mask patch made from banana leaves. Components extracted from banana leaves have whitening and anti-wrinkle effects. ‘leafree’ is made of purely natural sheet. ‘leafree’, combined term of ‘leaf’ and ‘free’ implies it is eco-friendly and harmless product. We used Ming-style font to emphasize the appearance of nature. Because alphabet ‘f’ in ‘leafree’ looks like the shape of banana leaf, it was decorated with graphics. The overall package design was inspired by facial shape to convey that this product is applied on the face.

Premium fruit clothes ‘ROBERU’ by Sung Eun , AN
Packaging Contents: Underwear

Eco-fashion brand ‘ROBERU’ , based on fashion market analysis of environment friendly consumers and functional clothing, we have created a new high value product eco-fashion brand.

In order to dominate world’s fashion market which is already overly-saturated with normal designs, we came up with a new idea that distinguishes itself and does not follow the flow of existing fast-fashion, but seizes its own new flow through the usage of fruits which are environment friendly material which not only have various colors, but also have benefits to our body.

The fruit lines used to create ‘Roberu’ were 4 and first was grape, which has the color purple, and it has effects on neurodegenerative disease and detoxification.

Second line is banana, which has the color yellow, and it prevents edema and has effects like a fever remedy.

The third line is kiwi, which has the color green, and it helps iron absorption, has antioxidative effect, and suppresses carcinogen formation.

Last line is strawberry, which has the color red, and it has effects on strengthening immunity and fatigue recovery.

KOLON was selected as the mother brand to develop the above company because KOLON’s level of understanding about eco-fashion is very high and its company philosophy is suitable with the above brand (ROBERU). After considering lifestyle, purchase tendency, and desired designs, our brand’s main target was selected as females in their 40s who are competitive buyers on and offline, and have families who view being with family, design, and price as important. For the package design, we concentrated on making the package have the scent of fruits and on showing the smooth texture of the clothes. The shape looks like sliced fruits and on the graphic, fruits are shown along with the wavy forms of the textile.

Our company philosophy considers both the environment and mankind and actively participates in practical, beautiful, and environment friendly product development and environment movement.

Yummy Bubble by JI Won Baek
Packaging Contents: Soap
Packaging Materials: Paper

Eco design has currently become an important part both in the design field and in our society. There are a variety of ways to design in an eco-friendly way. I have thought of an item for use in the bathroom. My project is ‘Edible Soap’. Edible soap is the one which is safe enough to eat accidently and harmless to an environment. It has two advantages. First, everyone, especially babies with sensitive skin or people with skin problems, can use it without worries. Some synthetic soap on the market cause people to have skin problems due to the chemicals in it. But my edible soap never harms even people worrying about their skin. Second, it’s good for an environment. Soapsuds with chemicals usually flow into the river and pollute the water for us to drink. But my edible soap won’t pollute any rivers because it’s made from natural materials. I chose fruits to make the most of their characteristics and designed fruit foaming soap for people to recognize it easily as a soap. I colored it with the original shade of fruits to look appetizing because it’s edible. I’m sure ‘Edible Soap’ will be a great solution to environmental problem.

Packaging Contents: Mask Pack
Packaging Materials: Paper

In accordance with the elastic skin vital products to promote skin type, focus on active ingredient shortage of for perking and assign a life at the same time to help has been conditioned by supply and skin. Can you get moist.

‘Beauty made from starch portion pack’ Brand development is,
1. Consumers use a necessary part to keep in step the era changing rapidly.
2. Steady health-conscious consumers his face in a healthy life.
3. Own health and consumers to think about environmental pollution.
4. Parents ‘ skin sensitive to consumer genetics.
5. An expensive burden consumers go for skin treatment.

Furthermore, with the ‘a cosmetic company’, ‘dermatology’, ‘vitamin companies’ strengthening the economy to powerful,
1. ‘Faster’ marketing strategy
2. ‘I need professional’ marketing strategy.
3. ‘eco-friendly’ marketing strategy through a brand development. Marketing Strategy to beauty through the pack leader was positioned as brand.