Naphthalene Cubes (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Packaging Form & Prototyping: Shubhrika Srivastava
Packaging Branding: Manali Chitalia
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT Institute of Design
Course: Product Design
Tutor: Manasi Kanetkar
Location: Pune, India
Packaging Contents: Naphthalene Cubes
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Blister Packaging – Thermoformed plastic + Paperboard backing

We took this as an opportunity to design packaging of Naphthalene balls/ Moth balls which is an essential pharmaceutical product but presently have a very basic polyethylene sealed packaging. In our research study, we found that there are many issues that the user faces while using this product & it can be solved by making its packaging better & functional.

The very first thing that came to our my mind was….Naphthalene balls are always used in Nos. but packed & sold as per weight…quite a disconnect for buyer.

We also changed the shape of the product from spherical to cuboid….as the balls often rolls & displace themselves…also it bulges out when kept in between clothes for protecting them from moth.

The lack of branding and basic usage & precautionary information on existing packaging, gave us the scope of improving graphical elements as well.

With design which we are proposing, we have tried to provide a better, convenient and user friendly packaging for the product. Apart from the new packaging, we have changed its shape to cuboid & added different fragrances to remove the repulsive feeling that the buyer used to face earlier.

The key USPs :
– Portion Control ( each unit can be separated & used individually)….Now you can buy the no. of cubes you need
– Air tight packaging
– Place at desired location without touching it (no washing of hands after putting naphthalene)
– Easy to store
– Addition of fragrances