T-shirt Eco-Packaging

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Shao-Hua Hsu
Project Type: Student Project
School: HTW Berlin
Course: Short-term Project, Packaging Design
Tutor: Birgit Severin
Location: Germany
Packaging Contents: T-Shirts
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Palm leaves

T-shirt Eco-Packaging is a 100% bio and eco-friendly packaging made of palm leaves. During this 5 days project I had the opportunity to develop my packaging idea in collaboration with Berlin-based company Leef.

What’s Unique?
The palm leaves I used to create the packaging are handpicked leaves from Areca palm tree, which is commonly grown in Asia. Once carefully washed and dried, the palm leaves are stable and solid enough to make into the form I wanted. The final design has the shape of an unsealed cylinder and is 100% ecological as well as compostable. The curving form from the top creates an opening of the packaging and the circle on the body makes the layout and color of the T-shirt visible. In addition, the packaging is very light and handy.