Dame de Pique 3x15cl pack

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Creative Agency: Dame de Pique
Designer: Romuald Vincent
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Dame de Pique
Location: France
Packaging Contents: Alcoholic beverage
Packaging Materials: Aluminium, cardboard

Dame de Pique is a unique brand run by Romuald VINCENT who is both architect / designer and liquorist.

Like his creator, the brand associates design and tradition to restore an old but unknown speciality of the Charentes : the “veine d’épine noire”, first extra premium French sloe wine made with Cognac and wild berries.

Very sweet and delicate, this fruity aperitif greatly appeals to women. It was sold first in a 70cl bottle. This idea behind this new packaging was to propose a more suitable size of consumption for this specific target. It should be flexible, light and creates the desire to buy but also to offer and share with friends. It’s probably the best way to make it known. For this small family business, the choice was thus made to turn its carrier boxes as their first brand ambassador. Their point is not to drink a lot to be glamorous, it is to drink responsibly and in moderation, and just be glamorous over all.

What’s Unique?
The small size of the bottle we designed especially for this beverage required a taylor-made packaging. It should showcase its content as well as being convenient for gift giving or for use during parties. The particular shape was created for this purpose. Following the same idea, aluminium and cardboard we used were chosen both their lightness and printability. The result of all this work is a very unconventional packaging, at least for this kind of spirit.