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Check out the packaging projects of visual communication design students of Hoseo University, Korea. Not bounded by any restrictions, student projects are always full of creativity and amazing to look at.

MossTreat by Dong seob, Kwon
Packaging Contents: Medical supplies
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

Due to the increase of income and the improvement of health awareness, an increasing number of consumers are demanding higher-quality, safe, low-stimulating, and environment-friendly medical supplies. Also, not many products in the existing medical product market have a differentiated advanced design, and most of the medical products have simplified artless packaging, so there is a need for differentiated package design. Therefore, we suggest a medical product made of moss, an environment-friendly material that the customers can trust. The brand concept had a roadmap of including the concept of forest, moss, and medical product. After extracting the relevant keywords, the design concept was established as ‘The New Tissue with Moss’. The main target is the 30s, who prefer the trendy and functional design, with a high economic participation, high consumption rate, rational consumption, and who are aware of health and well-being. The main buyers will be the 30s, but the product is approachable by all age groups. Regarding the logo naming, it was designed in consideration of the main targets of the product. It is an independent word with Myungjo-style font posing the curved nature of the forest and moss to demonstrate natural and fine quality. The graphical aspect of the product was made to express the medical product in a detailed and realistic way, while emphasizing the nature of moss and forest. In terms of the color, the point color extracted by the moss and the monotone color were used to increase the product reliability and to keep the feeling of the original substance. Unlike the existing box-shaped design, the packaging shape was designed to demonstrate the differentiated structural packaging to attract customer’s attention. With all these brand packaging concepts, the medical product can demonstrate the reliability and credibility to the customers. Also, by applying low production cost to the environment-friendly product, the product can have high market competitiveness.

Packaging Contents: Sports Wear
Packaging Substrate / Materials: paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

Bio-plastic is made in order to reduce environmental pollution. Beteran’s products are the bio-functional sportwears made with the bio-plastic that is recycled once more. Top and bottom packages bring up the image of human’s body and customers can guess what’s the men’s or women’s wears by just looking them. Beteran is the combination of B of bio and Veteran. It means that Beteran is aiming at showing the image of eco-friendly and professional sportswear to customers. It is designed with the products’ images and the Capital B of Beteran that are a bit rough but sleek so it gives a strong and professional image. In addition to the top and bottom packages of mem and women, sleeve and glove products are also designed neatly.

What’s Unique?
Bio-plastic is made in order to reduce environmental pollution. Beteran’s products are the bio-functional sportwears made with the bio-plastic that is recycled once more.

Sea Noodle by hyo jeong, Park
Packaging Contents: Noodle
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

Sea noodle is a ‘Noodle which made with seafood’ package. It is made with seafood and can feel the deep taste of seafood even if there is only noodle. The sea noodle package is a motif of the shape of the seafood and emphasizes that it is made of seafood in harmony with the sea. In addition, the overall feeling of the sea gave a feeling of coolness and the image of the flowing sea and the graphic of the fresh seafood which was expressed on the package of the ‘sea noodle’ . On the side, we expressed the feeling of freshness that just grasping seafood with net and consumers could just feel the sea including the smell of seafood. We also packed a variety of different seafood packages to broaden consumers choices.

Green Meat by So Young Bae
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

Vegetable steak is a steak that is made of broccoli which tastes like a lamb meat, steak made of paprika which tastes like chicken meat, steak made of eggplant which tastes like pork and beef-flavored steak made of carrot. It’s made for the people who wants to eat meat but can’t. The design allows people to know which meat and vegetable composes the meat at one glimpse, and the color of the meat was designed upon the unique color vegetables have. In the graphic, I expressed the harmony between vegetable and meat, letting them become one. The name of the brand is “Green Meet’ which means ‘meat from the nature’. Green means the vegetable, nature and health. The leaves above the logo represents the health and the nature. The color of the logo differentiates based on the type of vegetable in order to show the characteristic of the vegetable better.

DUDU by Ji Won Baek
Packaging Contents: Kids skin cream
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

It is ‘DUDU’, infant cosmetics made from beans. I made this bean infant cosmetics brand to use the bean’s special efficacy for the infant’s skin usefully. The bean is abundant in vitamin B group and E group. They give great effect to the skin. Vitamin B keeps the skin or mucous membrane normal. It is excellent in relieving the dryness for the atopy, infants’ chronic skin disease. Also, vitamin E is the skin beauty vitamin promoting the metabolism or blood circulation of the skin cell. It is contained in many adult cosmetics, too. It is greatly helpful in maintaining the infant’s healthy skin.

‘DUDU’ was designed to emphasize the bean’s efficacy and moistness. It was designed for the product’s feature to be revealed very well by bringing the forms of the water drop and bean as a motif. It was designed for the bean’s moistness to be revealed from the form by expressing the shape of the top as a water drop or expressing the package by the cross section of the bean. As for graphic, the shape of permeating deeply into the skin was expressed simply for easier viewing. It is the purpose of the graphic to convey a feeling that ‘it permeates deeply into the skin to help the skin be healthy’.

Packaging Contents: Haircare
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

Due to the environmental and social problems, hair loss continues to increase. This is why people use hair products to manage hair loss. “Growhanol” is a hair loss care product made of black beans. Black beans are effective in hair loss treatment.

‘Growhanol’ is a compound word of Grow and Hanol (hair), which means the growing hair. The ‘growhanol’ put a graphic on alphabet ‘O’ so that it can remind of the hair.

This product targeted men in 30s and 40s. Men in 30s and 40s who is losing ther hair, are mostly office workers. Therefore, the shape and color were designed by reflecting the modern image of man.

Furthermore, the design was inspired by the curvilinear shape of the hair. With the motif of the curvilinear shape, the product expressed to remind the growing hair on the product graphic. The overall color scheme of black and white was designed with colors of of black beans and hair.

Beginning by JIYEUNPARK
Packaging Contents: Food
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

BEGINNING is a wellbeing seaweed product made with fish. It is a wellbeing snack focused on health, convenience and eco-friendliness to meet the era of well-being and in addition, it is made of fresh fish through which you can enjoy the healthy taste of the sea. It is made of salmon, tuna, mackerel and herring, which are rich in EPA and DHA, which not only provides nutrients to the brain but provides psychological stability to prevent mental diseases such as depression, lack of attention, hypersensitivity, and etc. It is a snack made to be enjoyed conveniently by people who are now just experiencing wellbeing as a crispy and savory snack. In order to obtain organic certification, the production method and manufacturing method were managed even more thoroughly, and we made it possible for people to trust our food by being certified by the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) using only certified aquatic ingredients. As a health food, we used a simple image logo which gives a sea-like atmosphere and express environmentally friendliness and credibility by putting in a real picture of a fish. Through shape changes applied to the structure, each food has its image changes and shape which was designed to make changes and to make it easy for consumers to know what the food product is.

Bibi-Lak by Cho hye soo
Packaging Contents: Korean food

Product ‘Bibi-Lak’ is a brand of organic Bibimbap. and ‘Lak’, which means ‘to enjoy’ in Chinese. This product is an eco-friendly food that grows vegetables directly by hand. So it is the most reliable way to have fresh vegetables. Also, whenever you want to eat bibimbap, you can cut vegetables and enjoy it freshly.

The logo of the product emphasizes ‘Lak’ from the ‘Bibi-Lak’ And the characteristics of Bibimbap are also emphasized by naturally combining the images of fork and spoon to ‘Lak’. Since Bibimbap is a food that mixes vegetables of various colors, we tried to express that characteristics of Bibimbap product by adding various colors to the logo. The package form is designed with the motif of the shape of the pollen and bibimbap. When you open the product according to the perforated line, there are pollen and seeds to grow the product inside. In the upper part, the handle was decorated with a simplified image symbolizing Bibimbap, and the structure was designed so that the four parts of the shape had a leaf feel. In addition, we put images of each plant in each of the four parts to visually enhance the image of the flower pot as if the plants were growing up.

Packaging Contents: Corn Bowl
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

Sets of Tableware for Camping, Made of Corn
This is the design of the package that will consist of environmentally friendly tableware made of corn. What I considered the most when designing was making it possible to notice at a glance that it was made of corn. So I used the corn grains to express the bowl, and the grains to express the corn. Because the original color of the corn is yellow, I tried to express the original color without attempting to give any variation. The reason I chose corn as the material for eco-friendly dishware was because I found out that cornstarch products were 100% biodegradable when planted on the ground. So I came up with this corn tableware package for camping. I thought that if you take a tableware made of corn to camping instead of the disposable products, you can simply wash and bury it in the ground after use, and come back with light hands. So, to show that it is a camping product, I put the camping image in the background with transparency, and designed it with the characteristics of the corn tableware.

Ceweet by Hyuna Lee
Packaging Contents: Fruit cereal
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

Ceweet is a cereal made of fruits full of vitamins, made for consumers looking for products that are good for their children. We designed the cereals with 4 fruits- apples, strawberries, oranges and blueberries. Ceweet’s ‘Ce’ is from ‘cereals’, and ‘weet’ comes from ‘sweet’, implying the meaning sweet cereals. The ‘e’ in the logo is a point that shows a bite on cereals and fruits.

Package form and design is cut in the bottom and emerging at the top. When stacking the packages, the fruit character on the bottom package looks as if it is biting the cereal image on the top package. The children eating the cereals not only can enjoy the taste of cereal, but also can enjoy the visual fun and entertainment.

KeuRong by minkim
Packaging Contents: Food
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

KeuRong means big and you can roll it and eat it. 3 types of packages are made after adding apple, mango, pomelo, avocado on tortilla. The fruits are cut in half, and one side is the actual fruit with tortilla borders, and the other side is expressed with fruit pieces. Thus, the round shape can be seen and its transformation into tortilla is expressed in illustrations. The three packages are (1) emphasized with big fruit shape on top, (2) expressed like a flower when viewing from up, with its square like shape, (3) emphasized with a logo that looks like a disposable food container, and the bottom part is decorated with illustrations.

Packaging Contents: Vegetable clothing package
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

The establishment of eco-friendly vegetable clothing brand has been developed in accordance with the increasing trend of consumers with environment-conscious and sensitive skin. As such, it is aimed to be recognized as a representative brand in ECO marketing strategy by developing a powerful brand that will enhance competitiveness in comparison with other corporate fashion brands, branding its name effectively to the mind of consumers.

“MOM U” is an eco-friendly vegetable apparel brand made of vegetables rich in vitamins. Consumers who think about environment and health, and the eco-friendly representative brand that pursues its own style, it offers safety and health to the sensitive skin of busy modern people. As a differentiated image from other brands, we focused on delivering a natural, friendly look to consumers who are looking for new value. Pure vegetable apparel you can wear with confidence, it’s “MOM U”.

Floreco by NaYoung Lee
Packaging Contents: Hair care product
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

Planning intention – According to the trend that the eco-friendly consumers thinking of the health and environment increase, the market of the eco-friendly hair product is increasing, too. The eco-friendly wildflower hair care product with the high functionality, which is harmless to the human body is suggested.

Brand identity concept – Floreco is a compound word of the ‘floral’ and ‘eco’, which means the eco-friendly wildflower hair product. It was designed for the serif type expressing the curve element of the nature to be associated with the hair image.

Design concept – It was designed for the wildflower and hair to be emphasized beyond the simple meaning of the product packing by making the wildflower a motif.

Color concept – The original color of the wildflower was extracted as a motif. This color was intended to express the feminine chic image while maintaining the eco-friendly atmosphere.

For U Rest by Lee Hye Ri
Packaging Contents: Pot
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

For-u-rest is a logo meaning to give you rest by putting the U(user) among the forest that means the mountain. It helps you feel satisfied and breathe clearly by the directly raised flowerbed. It was designed with the package harmonizing with the freshness. This package creates various effects from the air purifying effect to the air freshening effect with the plants beneficial to the users. You can raise the plants easily because you only have to water the plants.

Forarm by Jeong seo, Choi
Packaging Contents: Women Inner Wear
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

This product is women’s innerwear made from red beans, a natural material.

Red beans are rich in protein and helps keep your body warm. This underwear inherits this insulating quality of red beans. Also, the brand name Forarm is meant to signify “For Warm,” as a brand aiming for better insulation. Made of natural materials, Forarm is an eco-friendly brand spanning bras, panties, sleeveless shirts, and underpants. Therefore, Forarm’s products are functional underwear that protects the body temperature of women, who need to keep warm.

The design in the logo graphics comes from the image of red beans and the letter “F”, the first letter of the brand name. The products feature delicate, feminine images incorporating the natural curves of the female body, and the red-been-inspired imagery. As to the fonts, sans-serif typefaces with high readability are used to suit Forarm’s focus on comfort and functionality.

The color of red beans, as the main color, emphasizes warmth, and low-saturated colors are used as to give points and express the sense of comfort. In addition, the feminine symbolism has been enhanced by inserting the lace texture, which is often used for underwear, in the background. The graphics in each product incorporate the product’s characteristic features, enabling you to enjoy the individuality of each product.

Finally, Forarm is a functionality-oriented innerwear brand for women in their 20s and 30s, who are actively involved in economic activities and care about their health.

Eclean by Kim se rin
Packaging Contents: cleansing cosmetics
Packaging Substrate / Materials: paper
Printing Process: digital printing

I produce ‘cleansing products made of eggshells.’ There are three types: cleansing water, cleansing foam, and cleansing oil. I produce these products using quail eggs’ shells, eggshells, and duck eggs’ shells. I include the overall round shape of an egg and its simplified image. Generally, it has a transformed shape out of a basic form of a figure. To show the cleanness and whitening as features of cleansing products, I select white color as main color and then choose other three colors in order to decorate these three products. I use gray, blue, and yellow color. Also, I use an image of bubble to show cleaning and washing. I use Gothic font for a brand logo in order to give customers my brand’s confidence and put some illustrations that embody eggshells in order to show that these products are made of the eggshells. Also, I put a face-out effect using real images of the shells to let customers know that these are eggshells and what types of the eggshells I actually use rapidly and easily.

Saul Eap Se by KUN-HEE, LEE
Packaging Contents: Sprout
Packaging Substrate / Materials: paper
Printing Process: Digital print

This product is a sprout seed-containing-package where you can actually grow and consume it all by yourself. How to use the package is very simple and easy. First of all, open up the package and pour a certain amount of water into the package which contains seeds. Second and last, wait until the seeds grow enough. Within three days, the seeds will grow into fresh organic sprouts. The merit of this product is that you only consume less than three days to get fresh sprouts. You can have healthy diet and save time at the same time through the sprout seed package.

See Q by Saet byeol, Kim
Packaging Contents: Convenience food
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Printing

See Q’ is a product which is dried type of fish porridge. Unlike the basic porridge product package which is of a warm color, the blue package which gives a fresh and cool feeling. Rather than putting a photo of which the porridge is put in a bowl, the scale of the fish is put into an image of a cube. By using a photo of porridge into a cube, the fact that this product is made of fish, the fish which is cut like a cube, the taste and nutrition which is cut into a cube is emphasized. The logo type of Q, Fishing needle, shows that it’s a product which is fresh from the sea.

The modern people who cannot eat properly are the target. The one cup which fills up the hunger of workers of 20, 30 year olds which is not too much for early mornings or evenings is the aim of the product. It’s possible for the workers, to bring hot water, cup, it’s possible for people to eat easily. It can be carried in a bag, put on a desk, the cube of the porridge is of size of a palm, it takes up not so much space in a bag, doesn’t take up too much space of the desk. The weight of cube which is put into a paper package is 25g.

WINNKLE by Dayoung Sin
Packaging Contents: Wrinkle-improving Functional Cosmetic
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital Printing

‘Superberry Anti-Aging WINNKLE’, designed with curvilinear characteristics of neck wrinkles, eye wrinkles, mouth wrinkles, hand and foot wrinkles is a wrinkle-improving functional cosmetic that targets mainly women in their 30s.

The shape of WINNKLE is a sophisticated curve reminiscent of the wrinkles of each area, and the logo, icon and graphics also show the image of the wrinkles in a gentle manner. Colors are designed in natural colors that are taken from each part of superberries. The soft colors and graphics give the elegant and stylish impression of wrinkle care cosmetics. Because the contrast between the white and the key color particularly emphasizes the curve of the shape, it is a design that draws attention with its distinctive shape and color even when viewed from afar.

Packaging Contents: Cosmetics
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital Printing

In accordance with the elastic skin vital products to promote skin type, focus on active ingredient shortage of for perking and assign a life at the same time to help has been conditioned by supply and skin. Can you get moist.

‘Beauty made from tree sap cosmetics’ Brand development is,
1. Consumers use a necessary part to keep in step the era changing rapidly.
2. Steady health-conscious consumers his face in a healthy life.
3. Own health and consumers to think about environmental pollution.
4. Parents ‘ skin sensitive to consumer genetics.
5. An expensive burden consumers go for skin treatment.

Furthermore, with the ‘a cosmetic company’, ‘dermatology’, ‘vitamin companies’ strengthening the economy to powerful,
1. ‘Faster’ marketing strategy
2. ‘I need professional’ marketing strategy.
3. ‘Eco-friendly’ marketing strategy through a brand development. Marketing Strategy to beauty through the pack leader was positioned as brand.