Derrick Lin


Agency: Butcher & Gundersen
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Ceuta Healthcare
Location: UK

Butcher & Gundersen create the brand identity for AmnioSenseTM – a unique innovation in pregnancy care.
Butcher & Gundersen have created a new identity and packaging for AmnioSenseTM, a revolutionary new product that enables mums-to-be to self-test for amniotic fluid leakage in the comfort of their own home.

Created by Common Sense Ltd. and distributed across the UK by Ceuta Healthcare Ltd., AmnioSenseTM is a two-stage diagnostic polymer strip within the comfortable and familiar format of a panty-liner. As accurate as hospital based tests* AmnioSense provides results after just 10 minutes and can be worn for up to 12 hours, providing continuous monitoring.

Community Midwife Emma Herbert told us; “My ladies liked the confidence of knowing whether their waters may have broken. It was also comfortable and easy to use.”

Pregnancy is punctuated by questions for expectant mothers as they experience a mixture of excitement and uncertainty, so the concept for the new identity was based on the idea of peaceful transition, evoked in the design through the stylised visual of a blossoming flower, brought to life through the changing colours used in the overlapping petals.

Research showed that expectant mothers often felt high levels of confusion and fear, so careful consideration was given to the communication on the packaging and in the instructional leaflet to ensure the medical facts and technical aspects of the product were presented in a reassuring, accessible and confident way.

“This innovative product needed to stand out on shelf and clearly communicate its benefits in a busy retail environment, where pregnancy-specific products can be hard to locate. Through the use of a gentle colour pallete and soft rounded typography, the design successfully embodies a feeling of sensitivity, whilst remaining serious, confident and professional. The foiled seal on the front of the pack represents the baby being ‘protected’ and the change in colour across the pack reflects the transitory nature of pregnancy”. – Zeffy Dougekou, Creative Director – Butcher & Gundersen

*As accurate as hospital-based tests when compared to the most common tests performed in hospital; sterile speculum examination, microscopic ferning test and pH paper test.