Sangemini Sport

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Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Pet Engineering
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Beverage
Location: Italy

After the success of Norda’s ‘Exclusive’ range for the HoReCa sector, PET Engineering has now designed Sangemini’s “sporty” water bottle, further strengthening its relationship with the Acque Minerali d’Italia Group.

PET Engineering continues to work with Acque Minerali d’Italia. After launching ‘Exclusive’, the new range of bottles for the professional catering industry from Norda, the Group’s leading brand, Sangemini Sport – a “sporty” bottled water – is now being released.

After graphic restyling to bring Sangemini more up to date and in line with the group’s other brands and with the “Acque Minerali d’Italia” corporate image, the CEO Carlo Pessina appointed PET Engineering to develop a packaging that would be able to convey Sangemini’s unusual and entirely unique positioning in a clear and distinctive way: In fact, Sangemini is more than just water, it’s real “sports nutrition”.

PET Engineering’s bottle is therefore designed to be immediately recognised by its target audience, by athletes and, more in general, by anyone who exercises. That’s why this design takes its inspiration from the shape, strength and compactness of the flasks used by cyclists and marathon runners.

The open/close cap has a drip-proof valve, the squeeze-grip makes it practical to use even when running, and the carbon-look knurled pattern is inspired by the material used to make sports bikes, all of which make the new Sangemini packaging considerably technical and particularly well suited to its role as “Official Water” for the 2017 Giro d’Italia.

Regarding the launch of the new 65cl Sangemini bottle, Carlo Pessina remarked: “Packaging has an increasingly important role to play in the marketing of mineral waters and drinks in general, above all if a specific target audience is identified and if there is a very strong link between product functionality and consumer behaviour, as is the case for Sangemini. That’s why we’ve created innovative packaging with a strong personality, like the 65cl Sangemini Sport bottle. Sangemini’s identity actually makes it quite unique on the market: it is a “Nutritional water” and, based on these distinctive characteristics, we wanted the bottle’s design to reflect its identity. The result is truly remarkable, further enhancing Sangemini’s market positioning in a striking way”.