Truth or Consequences Brewing (Concept)

Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Transom Design
Project Type: Concept
Location: Seattle, Washington
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Transom Design created the identity, website, collateral, and packaging for the brewery, the first of its kind in a frankly strange town in the New Mexico desert that renamed itself after the iconic 50’s quiz show. Today it’s a place where ranchers and hippies and astronauts (seriously astronauts, Spaceport America is just down the road) rub elbows.

The identity was designed to mesh with the town’s plethora of colorful hand-painted signs, and the theme big questions require great beer harkens to the town’s roots. We used the blue slash “OR” component of the brand mark as a fun, flexible method to introduce conundrums (coasters spur conversation in the brewery—“Cats or Dogs?” “Elvis or The Beatles?”—and t-shirts sold with a fabric marker that allow people to make their own question).

The packaging was designed to stand out on the perennially cluttered microbrew cold cases; we aimed for a clean look in typography, color, and layout. The beer names reflect the overall theme: “Arbitration Stout”, “Unforeseen Consequences IPA”, etc.

What’s Unique?
Transom Design believe what makes the project unique is the unconventional use of telling the brand’s story through its product. The cohesive design approach allows the beers to stand out and be seen as soon as the customer walks to the beer isle. With some many craft beers lacking powerful stories we want to emphasize the story by creating legends out of fictional characters. Although the printing process is nothing groundbreaking, the story people will tell about the beer will be.