Club Series (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Ansh Thareja
Location: Pune, India
Project Type: Student Project
Packaging material: Cardboard and plastic
The Unique Points Of The Packaging: The way balls are packed

The packaging focuses towards solving the problems that the current cricket ball packaging has. Academies and teams till state level mostly buy balls in a pack of 8 to 12 and the problems faced with these boxes is that their reuse and recall is really low so you can’t use them again to store the old balls. Even the sporty and premium feel related to cricket is missing in the visual language of the current packaging. In addition there’s Space wastage because we need to carry the whole box even if 3 balls are left. So for solving these problems Balls will be stored in a box of 3 and then those boxes will be further wrapped in a cloth, so that the problem of carrying the whole carton is solved. A small area is added on the Box where you can write your memories related to the balls kept inside. Coming to the visuals the Visual language is kept simple priority is given to text, colours are inspired from test cricket. Both serif and san serif fonts are used to create a mix of the traditional gentlemen’s game and today’s competitive cricket.